VB Star Scheme

The Star rating standard for Caravan Parks reflects the overall quality of the park and the highest rating of five stars is reserved for those parks of exceptional quality which also provide specific key facilities and services.

- Acceptable quality
- Good quality
- Very good quality
- Excellent quality
- Exceptional quality

AA Holiday Centres

These are distinguishing parks which cater for all holiday needs. Anyone staying at one of these parks will have no need to go elsewhere for meals or entertainment.

AA Pennant Scheme

AA Parks are classified on a five point scale according to their style and the range of facilities they offer. As the pennant rating increases, so the quality and variety of facilities and amenities must be greater.

Simple standard of facilities

Good level of facilities, services, customer care, security and ground maintenance

Very good standard and offer additional facilities and services

Extremely high standard in all areas

Award-winning standard. Facilities, security and customer care are of an exceptional quality